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Why Shannon Ponton was terrified The Biggest Loser wouldn't let him back this year

His obvious onscreen tension with Michelle Bridges and Commando almost had him kicked off.

By Kate Wagner
Shannan Ponton is synonymous with the Biggest Loser franchise – but the trainer feared he wouldn't be returning this year.
In fact, Shannan was so "stressed" at the thought of being dropped he "went to producers and pleaded my case."
"It's like my baby and the thought of not doing it again really worried me."
After joining the show in its second series with Michelle Bridges, he's played a major part in building its brand.
His concerns were spawned by the growing tension between himself and the other trainers, Michelle and Commando.
His frustrations came to the surface last season when he criticised the alliance between team red and black turning against his and Tiffany Hall's teams.
"There's no doubt the alliance emerged because of the relationship between Commando and Michelle," he said during his piece-to-camera at the time, while Michelle dismissed the accusations as "politics".
Shannan had also revealed to The Daily Mail at the time that he didn't socialise with Michelle and Commando outside of filming the show because he felt like a "third wheel" and an "awkward friend".
However, it looks like his worries were for nothing. The personal trainer will be returning to a revamped version of the series Biggest Loser Transformed, joined by Sydney-based trainer Libby Babet.

The new series won't involve Michelle or Commando and we're excited to see what the new dynamic means for the contestants.