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"Sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct" complaint against Barnaby Joyce confirmed by lawyer

The issue has been referred to the police and Joyce has stated he will make no further comment.

By Holly Royce
Catherine Marriott, a former WA Rural Woman of the Year, has filed a complaint against former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.
Barnaby Joyce's name is never far from the headline's these days.
On Friday, a fortnight after it was revealed that Barnaby Joyce had an affair with his staffer, Vikki Campion, the deputy Prime Minister has resigned from his position, active today, Monday, February 26.
Catherine Marriott's allegations were driven by the want for Joyce to be held accountable for his actions, though she never intended the "formal and confidential" investigation into the incident to become public. She'd flagged the complaint directly with the National Party and had every intention of keeping things private and professional, reported ABC News.
Her lawyer, Emma Salerno, this week revealed more information about the complaint from Ms Marriott, confirming it refers to "sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct".
Speaking to the ABC, Emma Salerno explained:
"The complaint made by our client related to an allegation of both sexual harassment and/or sexual misconduct."
The National Party has also confirmed that it has received a "sexual harassment" complaint against Joyce.
It is believed the complaint was a another reason Joyce resigned on Friday.
Barnaby Joyce with his daughters and estranged wife, Natalie Joyce.
During the press conference where Barnaby announced his resignation, he referred to a "litany of allegations" against him.
"And might I say right here… the leaking background will destroy my government – it will destroy any government," he continued.
He then went on to say that his resignation comes as Joyce aims to give his party "clean air" and that he will have much more than politics to worry about in a few months' time, including his soon-to-be newborn son with ex-staffer, Vikki Campion.
Once her identity and the complaint was made public, Catherine Marriott made a statement.
"I requested that … to ensure there is accountability in relation to the incident I raise, and to prevent this type of inappropriate behaviour towards women in the future," she said.
"This complaint was not made solely to address the incident against me — it is about speaking up against inappropriate behaviour by people in powerful positions.
"I will await the outcome of this investigation before determining any future action or commenting further," she concluded.
The issue has been referred to the police and Joyce has stated he will make no further comment.