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Search and rescue under way for car swept into floods

The SES are conducting a desperate mission to recover a car containing three people that was swept into flood waters.

Horrifying images of a car containing three Hunter Valley residents being swept away into floodwaters have emerged.
Emergency Services are currently attempting a search and rescue mission, including a police diver and the Westpac Careflight helicopter, but have so far been unsuccessful.
The car, which was traveling from Maitland, in the Hunter Valley, contained three residents, including an elderly woman. It was attempting to cross a flooded intersection when the car began to lose control. Witnesses then report that the car was swept into the high flood waters, around 8:50am.
Residents rush to help. via @newcastleherald
Several people tried to wade into the waters to assist, but were also swept away and required rescue.
The search and rescue operation has been so far unable to recover the vehicle.
Residents wade into the flood waters to help. via @newcastleherald
Both the police and the NSW premier, Mike Baird, are urging residents to avoid any unnecessary travel and to never drive through, walk through or attempt to cross flooded areas.

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