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Schapelle posts a cheeky video mocking the media

“Still on chase. They're doing what they do best.”

By Kate Wagner
In a twist of the ages, Schapelle has struck back at gotcha journalism with her own HA! moment.
On the convicted drug smuggler's brand new Instagram, her sister Mercedes films Sunrise's live helicopter coverage of Schapelle in a black van speeding away from Brisbane International Airport before panning to, wait for it, Schapelle sitting in the room next to her with a smug smile.
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Imagine splurging on a helicopter that was just covering Joe Bloggs going for a leisurely cruise.
In the video, you can hear Mercedes, practically bursting with facetiousness, saying: "There's the convoy... 'pelle's being chased by helicopter, in that car, but... there we are." At which point she pans to a chuffed Schapelle who gives a shrug while Mercedes laughs.
"Still on chase. They're doing what they do best."
Mercedes posted the same video to her Instagram, sarcastically captioning it: "Doing what they do best ... factual news reporting!!!"
Given the ridiculous lengths major networks are going to in hopes for a glimpse of the 39-year-old – the journalist harnessed to the back of a ute anyone? – the family has done a phenomenal job of giving them the slip.
The man to thank for the elaborate operation, John McLeod of Tora Solutions, is featured in the Instagram video.
A security expert told news.com.au that the intricate "repatriation operation" would have easily cost more than $40,000 – a big sum considering Schapelle isn't allowed to profit from her crime with tell-all interviews.
Although it only has 12 posts so far, Schapelle's Instagram already has a considerable focus on fighting through throngs of awaiting media and the lengths they'll go to for a photo – like throwing themselves off a wall.

In just a couple of days, she's acquired more than 171,000 followers - a number many bloggers would sell a kidney for.
Despite the backlash from the Where's William campaign, who distanced themselves from Schapelle after she was photographed with the little boy's picture on her handbag, she recently posted a photo of the offending accessory.

The comments on the picture praise Schapelle for shedding light on William's disappearance in hope more coverage will lead to answers.
Her use of captions like "hashtagoiloncanvas" show she has some ways to go before she's nailed the intricacies of the platform, but we're sure she'll master it when the fit tea and teeth whitening sponsorships come through.

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