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EXCLUSIVE: What's next now Schapelle Corby finally has the freedom she wants

As Schapelle finally touches down on home soil, Woman's Day can reveal the family dream she hopes will see her reunited with the man she adores.

Schapelle Corby returned home to Australia with a broken heart after farewelling the love of 
her life last week, but Woman’s Day can reveal the couple have a secret plan to be together again.
Schapelle is very much in 
love with her Balinese boyfriend Ben [Panangian]. She wanted 
to remain with him in Bali,” an Indonesian friend from the 39-year-old’s small, close-knit group confides exclusively to Woman’s Day.
Ben met Schapelle in 2006.
Schapelle's life changed forever when she was convicted for drug trafficking.
“They were desperately trying to get pregnant before she left – that way she’d have an Indonesian baby and it would make 
her path back to seeing 
Ben a whole lot easier.
“I wouldn’t be surprised 
if Schapelle is already pregnant – we’ve all been expecting the news by now,” she adds.
“Ben has been living with Schapelle and her brother in Bali for months, and they’ve been open about trying for a child. They both want 
a family together more than ever before.”
Schapelle is finally free.
She lived a humble life with her surfer beau.
Described as 
“a really nice, easygoing surfer dude”, Ben studied marketing at Surabaya University but gave up his studies to become 
a surfing instructor and now runs a paddleboarding operation for tourists.
He and Schapelle are 
“two peas in a pod”, both enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the quiet, private life they had in Bali.
“No one really bothered them in Bali,” Schapelle’s friend confides.
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