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Schapelle Corby still waiting for release

Schapelle Corby behind bars at the Denpasar District Court in 2006.

Schapelle Corby behind bars at the Denpasar District Court in 2006.

Inside Kerobokan Prison, Schapelle Corby has been sitting alone in a holding room waiting a little longer for her imminent release.

Outside, a giant media scrum – growing larger every hour – is ready to capture her first moments of freedom in nearly a decade but the details of her release remain sketchy.

Schapelle’s sister Mercedes arrived shortly before lunch on the motorbike of her husband Wayan and stayed inside the complex for about two and a half hours.

Australian consular officials also visited Corby, with their arrivals and departures creating a massive scene outside the only entrance to the prison.

When Mercedes emerged she appeared calm, making a short statement before she rode away.

“We’ve been waiting for almost a year-and-a-half,” she said. “She’s been eligible for parole for almost a-year-and-a-half. Please just give us privacy. We don’t know yet [when she’s getting out].”

If Corby is not released this afternoon it is expected she will remain behind bars for the weekend.

Although, experts at the site admitted it was difficult to predict what would happen.

There is also debate about whether she will be deported immediately or remain in Bali where her sister and her young family live.

It is believed Corby was sitting alone in a holding area as other prisoners looked on.

In Bali, the debate about her guilt or innocence still rages with many people convinced either way.

All the major networks were represented at the prison entrance from early this morning.

TV hosts such as Today’s Karl Stefanovic was due to arrive this evening with news specials planned when Corby does walk free.

Australia’s best-selling weekly magazine Woman’s Day is planning a 71 page special to commemorate the release which will be on stands next week.

The rush is on to get the first interview with Corby but as yet it is believed no deal has been done as Mercedes is concentrating on getting her sister out.

Corby has suffered from mental health issues for some years.

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