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Schapelle Corby just did a sponsored post for a boogie board company and we’re done

What was that thing involving her and a boogie board again?

By Kate Wagner
[Schapelle Corby] – you may remember her for such things as: being caught with 4.1kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag and … to be honest, not much else.
Well yesterday, the [new Instagram aficionado] did what everyone with a following over 10k does – she posted a photo of goods she got sent for free with a shout out.

"Thanks to the guys at Drag @dragboardco for thinking of me & seeing me as a fellow body boarder," she wrote.
Is it a Boomerang because the whole boogie board fiasco keeps coming back to haunt her? Or is that too deep? Probably too deep.
The masses were loving her tongue in cheek approach, while others made painfully predictable weed/boogie board jokes like that wasn't what the whole post was about.
WATCH: Schapelle Corby timeline.
This isn't the first time Schapelle's had a crack at her boogie board themed troubles on Instagram.
Last month she posted a video giving a tour of her… boogie board room?
"There's a boogie board! And flippers!" she says. "This is not the boogie board that was taken at the airport - this is new one that I bought upon my release from Keobokan [Prison]."

However, Schapelle won't be able to use her new toy yet due to breaking her ankle and knee soon after returning home to the Gold Coast in May.

She's been hopping around on crutches ever since in what's appearing to be a long recovery process.
If she does decide to take the board anywhere though, we recommend buying a lock for this one.