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Greens senator says Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt will be used to promote extremism

“The next attack in Australia will be on your head, Pauline.”

By Kate Wagner
Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has slammed Pauline Hanson for wearing a burqa last week, saying she put “the country in danger with a stupid stunt.”
The two senators clashed on Sunrise this morning after Samantha Armytage asked Ms Hanson if she believed her one per cent rise in the polls had the stunt to thank.
“I don’t think it contributed,” she told the hosts, adding: “But I do believe the burqa is something we need to talk about.”
When asked how she viewed the senator’s stunt, Ms Hanson-Young labelled it a dangerous “disgrace”.
“I think what Pauline did last week was an absolute disgrace,” she said. “I’m very concerned it flies in the face of official advice from our security and intelligence agencies who have said very, very clearly that acts and stunts like this only serve to incite more violence and hatred from both sides actually, extremists on both sides.”
“I think that is extremely dangerous and not fit for somebody who wants to sit in the parliament.
“Pauline, I think you really need to reflect that security experts and foreign policy experts have said that what you did last week will now be used as the most recent kind of fodder for promoting extremism,” the senator warned.
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“You’re doing ISIS’ work for them. It’s extremely dangerous and you’re putting the entire country at risk.
Senator Hanson has repeatedly claimed she wore the burqa to highlight faults in security, saying that no-one in Parliament asked to check her face before entering the Senate.
Ms Hanson-Young countered that she was escorted into the room by security and footage of the event sees the speaker announce the person had been identified as Senator Hanson prior to entering.
“Everyone knew it was you being a goose, putting the country in danger with a stupid stunt,” Ms Hanson-Young said.
Pauline argued that some Muslim-majority countries like Tunisia, Turkey, and the Democratic Republic of Congo banned the burqa for national security and social cohesion.
“You say that you are worried about people’s security yet you have refused to listen to the advice of the experts,” refuted Senator Hanson-Young.
“The next attack in Australia will be on your head, Pauline.”