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Maroons player Sam Thaiday’s controversial post-Origin comment

This joke from Queensland player Sam Thaiday after last night’s State of Origin game has got people divided.

The Queensland Maroons victory of 6-4 in last night’s State of Origin match against the NSW Blues has been overshadowed by Maroons player Sam Thaiday’s post-match comment.
Commentator Brad Fittler approached Thaiday for his thoughts on the game and was stunned when he compared the win to losing your virginity. He said it was “a bit like losing your virginity – it wasn’t nice but we got the job done.”
Fittler was scrambling with something to say, coming up with “I’m not sure if I’ve got a second question.”
People have been divided over the comment, with the fierce NSW supporters at The Daily Telegraph putting on today’s front page ‘Sam Vileday’.
Some people agreed, writing on Twitter:
Others, including comedian Dave Hughes, laughed it off and applauded Thaiday for his colourful personality.
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