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"I need $20,000": Sally Faulkner is asking the public for help to bring her children home legally

Her friend has set up a crowdfunding page.

By Amber Manto
Sally Faulker is desperate to bring her children home from Lebanon, legally this time.
The mum-of-three spent two weeks in a Beirut prison in April last year after a botched attempt to snatch two of her children from her estranged husband Ali Elamine in the Lebanon capital with the help of 60 Minutes.
Ali had taken their children - Lahela, now 6, and Noah, now 4 - to the Middle East for a three-week trip, only to never as allegedly promised.
Since returning home Sally has garnered $150,000 in the sale of her memoir however, in an emotional Facebook page she explains this all has been spent on legal fees and repaying debts and her salary as an early childhood worker cannot alone fund this mission.
As such her friend decided to start a GoFundMe crowdfunding page so she can raise the money needed to pay for a lawyer in Lebanon.
“Now I need 20000 thousand to start up a custody case in Lebanon […] I will upload the receipts of payment to my Lebanese lawyer for the public to know I am being honest,” she wrote in a later Facebook post.
So far $8,724 of the $20,000 goal has been achieved.

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