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Gaudy mayor groom's $45m pay day

“They can investigate all they like, I've got nothing to hide.”

Salim Mehajer, the man whose wedding shut down several Western Sydney streets, is causing controversy again.
But it has nothing to do with helicopters, Ferraris and public red carpet entrances this time.
The Auburn deputy mayor is reportedly hoping to make an extra $45 million by reducing the size of apartments he’s building, which he’s already sold to investors.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports by “shifting walls around” Mehajer will be able to add eight additional apartments on each floor of the eight story SkyPoint Towers building, which will sell for approximately $720,000 each.
Those who have already invested in the strata plans of the apartments were told last week about their new purchase downsizing between 30 and 40 percent.
They were given until August 12 to decide whether to continue with the deal.
The Auburn Council deputy mayor and millionaire property developer married the love of his life on Saturday, and it was the campest celebration in the world.
The groom and his men were dressed in tight suits and mirrored sunglasses. They stepped out of not one, not two but - count them - four helicopters, onto the red carpet, to pose for photographs. There were fleets of brightly coloured Ferraris, a jet flyover, and even a skyplane.
And the whole shindig left neighbours incredibly unimpressed as whole streets were shut down without permission and cars were threatened to be towed if they did not move out of the mayor’s path.
Speaking to the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM on Monday, Mr Mehajer has said he cleared the extravagant celebrations with council, and the police were free to investigate him.
“That was absolute nonsense,” he said.
“With regard to the traffic control and the vehicles there, we had permits with council. However there was a number of vehicles ... that exceeded the limit, which I had no control whatsoever.”
“They can investigate all they like, I've got nothing to hide.”

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