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Reports of earthquake in Townsville and Whitsundays

Some North Queensland residents have said the tremors were felt as far as Bowen.

There are early reports of an earthquake that has hit Townsville, Whitsundays and Hamilton Island.

Townsville is said to have shaken for more than 60 seconds and some North Queensland residents have taken to Twitter to say that the tremors were felt as far as Bowen.

The ABC’s Bridgid Glanville was on holiday’s with her family when the quake hit.

“On holidays on @HamiltonIsland grabbed kids ran outside as everything as an earthquake just hit,” she tweeted.

There are unconfirmed reports the quake hit at 2:30 in the afternoon and was in the vicinity of 5.8 in magnitude.

Others also took to Twitter to detail what happened:

No tsunami warning has yet been issued.

More to come.

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