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President Obama crashes wedding

Best surprise guest ever?

Usually the thought of having to deal with an uninvited guest at your wedding would be enough to break you out in hives.
But for Stephanie and Brian Tobe, having the President of the United States pop over for a unscheduled chinwag made their happy day that much more perfect.
The San Diego couple spotted President Obama on the golf course where their wedding ceremony was about to take place.
Watching him play from their hotel room, the couple worked up the nerve to go and say hello.
Sprinting down to the green in her gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown, Stephanie made a break for the POTUS and was thrilled when he very graciously posed for a few happy snaps.
Stephanie told NBC that Obama and Brian had a brief chat about Brian’s hospital work, and that he specifically told Brian not to step on her dress.
Not exactly the sage advice we were hoping for, but hey, he’s a busy man – we’ll take it!
Afterwards, Stephanie and Brian forged ahead with their nuptials, but not before making this face after the meeting of a lifetime.
All images courtesy of The Youngrens

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