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Pregnant US woman facing deportation begs to stay in Australia, says flight could kill unborn baby

“If I get sent back home, my unborn child as well as I, will die.”

By Lorna Gray
A pregnant American woman has issued a heartfelt plea to Australian authorities, claiming she and her unborn baby will die if she’s deported back to the United States from WA.
Eleanor Mapp, who lives in Perth with her Australian partner, is currently on a bridging visa that expires today. She says the Department of Immigration want to put her on a plane immediately.
But Eleanor, who’s had four high-risk pregnancies, says a doctor has warned her not to fly while pregnant.
In a bid to get Australian authorities to listen, she shared an image of her daughter Mia, who was born premature and died after two days, with Seven News.
Source: Seven News
Eleanor claims authorities aren’t listening to her pleas:
“I’m scared, I’m fearing for my life. If I get sent back home, my unborn child as well as I, will die,” she told Seven News.
Eleanor also said she’d be homeless: “I have nowhere to go,” she said. “I’ll be out on the street. No money, no healthcare, nowhere to stay.”
A Department of Immigration and Border Protection spokeswoman told news.com.au they’d been working with Ms Mapp to resolve her visa status for the past year

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