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Immigration minister Peter Dutton calls for a pro-Christmas uprising

Comes as ‘Very Merry’ banners torn down in Sydney because of the omission of the word ‘Christmas’.

Peter Dutton has called for Aussies to "rise up" to defend Christmas. The Immigration Minister appeared on 2GB radio and was angered by a talkback caller who told them there was “not one Christmas carol” at a performance at his grandchild’s school.
The caller told the station he attended a ceremony at Kedron State High School where they replaced the lyrics of We Wish You A Merry Christmas with "we wish you a happy holiday".
"You make my blood boil with these stories," Mr Dutton told 2GB radio's Ray Hadley. "It is political correctness gone mad and I think people have just had enough of it."
It comes as NSW Minister Dominic Perrottet made similar comments about signs in Sydney that omitted the word ‘Christmas’.
Signs in Sydney’s The Rocks read ‘Very Merry’ until members of the public complained. Mr Perrottet responded by ordering for the banners to be taken down and replaced with ‘Merry Christmas’ ones, stating “Very Merry means absolutely nothing to anyone.”
He continued: “When you leave out the one word that matters all you’re left with is a vacuous, bland platitude. It’s nonsense — but it’s an easy fix, and it turns out we didn’t even need a focus group to get the message right. I know it’s a bit out there but we’re going with ‘Merry Christmas’ this year.”

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