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Perth pedophile released back into society

A convicted Perth pedophile has shown "progress" in rehabilitation so has been deemed safe for released back into society.

Perth residents are outraged about a convicted sex offender being released from jail back into neighbourhoods where he could come into contact with children.
Alwyn Wayne Brown, 44, was declared as a dangerous sex offender five years ago when he was convicted for crimes including molesting young girls but on Thursday, Western Australian Supreme Court judge Peter Martino ruled that he could be released from jail on strict conditions.
Brown is to be on a five-year strict supervision order, and it is noted that he is taking anti-libidinal medication reports Daily Mail.
A medical expert suggested that if Brown remained in custody it may hinder the progress he's made in his rehabilitation process.
The rehabilitation of pedophiles is a contentious issue that instills fear in the general public. It is possible that they can reform their habits, however the risk is great as just one more child being hurt is too many, especially if the offender is already known to authorities.
Perth mother, Kate Atwell, has a four-year-old and a seven-year-old child, and she and her community are worried about Brown re-offending.
"This issue gets people right in the guts," she said. "People feel really let down by the system."
Ms Attwell went on to say that she feels that if the community had more information about the details of the release conditions it may placate them.
"The community has really mobilised around the issue as this man is a known predator and a known abductor," she said.
A rally was held on Sunday by the state opposition calling on the WA government to review the dangerous sex offenders laws, and hundreds of signatures were collected.
Last week Premier Colin Barnett told parliament last week there were "complexities" with the legislation but it is slated for discussion in the next session at parliament, and inquiries are being made about whether the 51 conditions of Brown's release can be made public.

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