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BREAKING: People TRAPPED mid-air on Dreamworld ride for 30 minutes

Passengers aboard the Buzzsaw could be heard screaming to be saved from way up above.

By Ellie McDonald

In yet another shocking turn events for Gold Coast amusement park Dreamworld, passengers have yet again become trapped on one of the park's rides.

This time, it is being reported that people on a ride called the Buzzsaw were left trapped inside two cars that stopped on a vertical incline.

On Dreamworld's website, the Buzzsaw is described as the highest inversion ride experience in the Southern Hemisphere and the first thrill ride guests can spot as they arrive in the main car park.

"Starting with a suspenseful 46m vertical ascent that will have you instantly wishing you were back on the ground," the website reads.

"At its peak, your center of gravity is flipped as you're upside-down 15 stories in the air before the ride car free-falls through a 360 degree heart roll, plummeting down a final vertical drop at speeds of up to 105km/h."

The Buzzsaw ride. Image c/o Dreamworld.
The Buzzsaw ride. Image c/o Dreamworld.

According to 9News, passengers became trapped mid-air when the ride became stuck. They were trapped for 30 minutes.

A ride operator could be heard reassuring the passengers stuck on the ride as the cars carrying them were eventually lowered to the ground.

This comes just three weeks after Now To Love reported that the amusement park had begun demolishing the Thunder River Rapids ride that killed four people 18 months ago. The move to demolish the ride comes out of respect for the families who are still grieving the tragic loss of their loved ones.

Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozbeh Araghi and Cindy Low (main picture, clockwise from top left) died when their raft on the Thunder River Rapids ride flipped over.

"Out of respect for the memories … the ride will be permanently decommissioned," the CEO of Dreamworld's parent company, Deborah Thomas, said back in 2016.

"The closure of the ride is the only respectful and appropriate course of action."

More on the Dreamworld Buzzsaw story as it develops...