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Pauline Hanson vows to ban burqa in Queensland if One Nation wins state election

She also gloated over the fact she was invited to Trump’s inauguration but the Prime Minister was not.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has controversially vowed to ban people from wearing a burqa in Queensland if her party wins the state election.
Speaking to Sky News, she said:
“I’m going to ban the burqa in government buildings and banks and schools.”
“We are going to lead the way in Queensland, no driver’s licenses wearing the burqa or anything like that,” she said.
Hanson said the current state government were “too scared to do anything” and banning the burqa would be a key issue for her in 2017.
Senator Hanson was also asked about her invite to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration:
“It’s come from a congressman in the states. Any more than that, don’t ask me,” she said.
“Only 20,000 tickets have been issued to go to it and two tickets have been issued to me — and the Prime Minister never got any,” she said.
However, Pauline says she’s too busy to attend:
One Nation senator Brian Burston will attend Mr Trump’s inauguration as the party’s representative.

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