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Pauline Hanson says there’s ‘no definition of an Aboriginal person’

The One Nation leader says there needs to be set classifications as she calls for changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

Pauline Hanson has declared there’s ‘no definition of Aboriginal’ while appearing on Sky News.
She spoke to Andrew Bolt to discuss her mission to repeal Section 18C of the racial discrimination act – she wants to have the words 'offend' and 'insult' removed.
Hanson says she’s been calling for set classifications of whether or not someone is Aboriginal or not ‘for years’.
“If you marry an Aboriginal you can be classified (as one), or if the community or the elders accept you into that community you can be defined as an Aboriginal,” she said.
“That's not good enough because then if you make a comment about it, well what are you? Are you an Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal?”
She thinks people “need to toughen up a bit”, stating: “We've all become so precious. We've stopped freedom of speech - to have a say to have an opinion and I remember when I was a kid sticks and stones may break your bones and that was the old saying.”

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