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Ariana Grande concert explosion: Terrified parents take to social media to try to find their kids

Some of the children are as young as 6 years old.

By Lorna Gray
Terrifying scenes continue to unfold in Manchester as desperate parents scramble to find their children after the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert.
Many have taken to social media to try to find their kids who left the stadium without their guardians during the pandemonium.
The local Holiday Inn has confirmed it's taken in 50 children.
An explosion went off after the concert, Greater Manchester Police confirming 19 people have died, with more than 50 injured.
Andy Holy told the BBC that he was waiting for his wife and daughter at the exit when the explosion went off and it threw him about “30 foot” through doors.
He stood up to see about 30 people scattered across the floor and “some of them looked dead”. His first instinct was to run into the stadium to try find his family and when he couldn’t find them he searched the dead bodies for their faces.
Luckily, his family were fine and are now back at the hotel.
Unconfirmed reports suggest a 'nail bomb' had been used.
More as we get it.