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Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is subjected to racial abuse in Croatia

The actor took to Instagram to tell his side.

By Kate Wagner
We think it's fair to assume that the last thing Jamie Foxx would've expected to happen when he turned up for work was to be the victim of racial abuse.
Foxx, who is currently in Dubrovnik filming his latest Hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood: Origins, copped an abrasive racial slur from two men while sitting in a restaurant in the Croatian city.
And the 49-year-old filmed the whole thing.
Posting the shocking video to Instagram, Foxx captures his own reaction to the reported abuse as two men are seen being escorted from the restaurant.
In his post's since-deleted comments, Foxx mentions that the 44- and 50-year-old men hurled an offensive racial term at him.
The term, according to Total Croatia News, was ‘crnčuga’ - which means 'n – a'.
Source: Instagram
Croatian police have confirmed the pair have been charged with disorderly conduct, including targeting 'one of the guests on racial grounds', but did not name Foxx as the victim.
However, despite the upsetting incident the night before, the rumoured partner of Katie Holmes still appeared to be enamoured by the picturesque city.

Foxx is currently in Croatia filming Robin Hood: Origins, in which he’ll be playing the part of Little John.
The Lionsgate movie also stars Leonardo DiCaprio and hosts an impressive cast, including Australia's own Tim Minchin, Jamie Dornan and Ben Mendelsohn, and is set for release in 2018.

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