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Mum outraged to find older children jumped on her toddler's face at childcare

An external review is now underway after accusations the childcare centre tried to cover up the incident.

By Kate Wagner
A Queensland mum has accused a childcare centre of trying to cover up older children jumping on top of and injuring her one-year-old.
Robin Gambrill said she was shocked when she picked her son Frederick from Charters Towers Kids Early Learning Centre to find his face extensively bruised and scratched.
Talking to Fairfax, the north Queensland mum said: “I saw him and he was so red.”
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“When I went to have a meeting with them, they said they didn’t know what happened.
“But I looked into it further and someone told me that two older boys were found jumping on him.
“I’m just thankful that he never sustained major head injuries.”
Ms Gambrill told Fairfax she thought the centre was trying to cover up the incident and now they’ll be going an external review.
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While Frederick is now at a new childcare centre, his mum says staff think he’s still affected by what happened.
“He’s at a new childcare centre now but they’ve said he’s a bit traumatised,” she divulged.
“They said he’s scared to play with older kids.”
Over a thousand Australian babies and toddlers are sent to hospital with injuries sustained at childcare centres, shocking new data released earlier this year revealed.
Over 960 childcare centres in NSW failed to meet the minimum quality standard for children’s OH&S, according to the Productivity Commission report on government services released in February.
The inferior standards have been exposed as costs of childcare soar.
Studies show a typical working family are forced to spend more than 10 per cent of household income on childcare, even after government subsidies.