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Nurses fired after sharing tasteless photos on social media

Absolutely disgusting behaviour.

By Holly Royce

Footage has been released from a Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Florida which shows nurses 'flipping off' babies and moving them dangerously in time to rap music to make them 'dance'.

The image (below) shows a screenshot from a Snapchat sent by a nurseto friends. The image depicts a hand sticking her middle finger up at the newborn baby and is captioned, "How I currently feel about these mini Satans."

The screenshot was then posted to Facebook, alongside footage of newborns being inappropriately handled.

The footage captured shows a nurse laughing and making a baby move 'dance' to rap music.

The hospital was quickly made aware of the offending material and all staff involved have been fired and parents of the children in the images have been notified.

They released the following statement:

The original post has been shared over 200,000 times.

Comments are flooding in, including: "Any derogatory behavior toward an infant is repulsive. They deserve brig time, dishonorable discharge, and a butt whipping."

"These nurses need to be kicked out of the military," said another.

Further action is being taken and those involved are being dealt with accordingly.