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Should a nine-year-old be reporting on murder?

A nine-year-old reporter in the US has hit back at claims she is too young to work murder cases.

Nine-year-old reporter and self-publisher of Orange Street News has hit back at critics who say she is too young to report on grevious news such as murder.
Washington Post reports Hilde Kate Lysiak followed a tip on Saturday morning of heavy police activity in her neighbourhood.
She spoke to neighbours and authorities before reporting the exclusive: "Murder on ninth street".
She beat all major news outlets to the story and posted a video from the scene.
In the wake of the story she has received angry letters from readers who claim she is too young to be a reporter and should instead be playing with friends.
In response Hilde shared a video on YouTube.
She said: "If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computer and do something about that news."
"There, is that cute enough for you?"
Watch Hilde read responses from readers here:
Watch the video on YouTube here.

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