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Nine-week-old left blind and with cerebral palsy after man threw him

The man has been jailed for four years after he tried to cover up the injuries.

A court has heard that a nine-week-old baby boy was repeatedly shaken and thrown by Jay Bell, 23, with the baby now blind and with cerebral palsy.
In July 2013, Bell threw the tot in the air which then hit the wall with his head and fell to the floor. He then shook the baby until it started crying.
The little tyke suffered horrific injuries like kidney damage, bleeding in the brain and a fractured rib and ankle.
It took two weeks for Bell, who’s from Midlothian, Scotland, to take the little boy to the hospital, and five months to reveal what had actually happened.
Bell has been jailed for four years after admitting to charges of reckless conduct towards a child and failing to seek medical attention for the baby.
Jay Bell
"Through your conduct, a nine-week-old child who was in your care sustained bleeding on the brain, retinal haemorrhages and skeletal fractures - namely a fractured rib and a fractured ankle,” said Judge Paul Arthurson QC.
"As a result of the brain injury, the child suffers from cerebral palsy and is registered blind. He cannot sit unaided, he has difficulty in using his limbs.
He continued: "These medical consequences, all caused as a result of your conduct, are and will continue to be devastating for the child and for his mother who cares for him."
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