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Carrie Bickmore wins Gold Logie. Tells us why we should wear a beanie today.

And other news we're talking about this morning.

By Caroline Overington
CARRIE Bickmore has won the Gold Logie, but also the respect and affection of millions of people by going up to the stage to the accept the award wearing an old blue beanie, in a tribute to her late husband.
Carrie, 34, dedicated her award to her husband, Greg, who died of brain cancer in 2012.
They had a little boy, Ollie, who was only three at the time. He used to push Greg around in the wheelchair, after he couldn't walk anymore.
‘He was an incredibly brave man, and a great dad,’ said Carrie.
‘Everyone thinks this is a rare form of cancer and it’s not,’ she said, ‘It kills more kids than any other disease.’
Julia Morris' speech - the biggest blunder of the evening - has also made headlines, as she announced the winner of the Outstanding Entertainment Program, The Voice, before announcing the nominees.
Humour was her only saving grace, as Morris left the room in stitches, which you can see here.
In other news you may have missed...
IF you’ve woken up wondering why all the TV hosts on the breakfast shows are wearing beanies, please see post above. Carrie called on ‘Lisa, Karl, Kochie’ and plenty of others, including many of you at work, to wear a Beanie for Brain Cancer. It’s a tough disease to fight, and even tougher to cure.
IN far less uplifting news, Floyd Mayweather has punched the living daylights out of his opponent, Manny Pacquiano, in a boxing match in Las Vegas.
It’s a strange thing, this festival of fists, but tens of millions of people thrilled to the idea of these grown men belting each other, with flesh and sweat flying across a crowd of celebrities, whose private planes were so big in number, they had to close the Vegas airport, and park them wing to wing.
There were no knockouts – a blessed relief – but the decision was unanimous. Of course, Pacquiano still believed he’d won, and plenty of people think the whole thing was rigged anyway.
Rumours abound that people in the US were being charged $100 to view this fight on their own TV. Those rumours are true, which puts the Netflix fee you’re grumbling about into perspective.
SHERYL Sandberg’s husband, Dave Goldberg, has died suddenly.
Sandberg is the author of Lean In, which is a book, but also a global sensation, encouraging women to step up at work, take those promotions, and allow themselves to shine. She is also the billionaire COO of Facebook.
Goldberg was the CEO of SurveyMonkey. He was only 47. The cause of death was not disclosed. The couple had been on vacation. They have young children.
EIGHTIES sitcom sensation Bill Cosby has again been accused of sexual assault, this time by an actress, Lili Bernard, who had a small role on his show, and by a TV writer, Sammy Mays.
Mays says she was attending a conference in New Orleans with Cosby in the mid-1980s when he invited her to an interview in his hotel room. She says he drugged her drink and raped her.
The latest allegation brings to at least 40 the number of women who say they were abused by Cosby, who has been charged with no crimes.
IN surreal yet unsurprising news, Kurt Cobain, who has been dead for 21 years, will release a new album of music later this year.
The album comprises old recordings, found while director Brett Morgen was making a documentary about the singer’s life.
Kurt has been in the news quite a bit this year, especially after his daughter, Frances Bean, told Rolling Stone that she thought his decision to blow his head off and leave her to grow up without a Dad was extremely selfish.
GOOD Heavens! It seems that a man has hung up on the Pope.
Gawker this morning reports the case of Franco Rabuffi, who was feeling a bit sick and took two calls from Pope Francis, wishing him well.
Lacking faith, Franco hung up. Twice.
He has since told Sky News that he was equal parts humbled and horrified, but ‘Francis came to my rescue, saying it was funny.’
And lo, he began to pray.

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