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Her daughter's call saved her life

Is mummy awake?

By Caroline Overington
1."Is mummy awake?"
"No, she didn’t wake up."
These frightening words form part of an emergency Triple-O call between a seven-old-girl and a NSW ambulance officer, after the girl’s Mum, Kelly McLean, collapsed into a coma on the kitchen floor.
The Sydney Morning Herald says Kelly, a single mother of three, collapsed and suffered a seizure at her Penrith home on May 20 and "it may have been the call placed by her seven-year-old daughter Isabelle that prevented a tragedy."
"Isabelle called triple-zero to bring an ambulance to the house while (sister) Mia, 5, went around to a neighbour's house to bring an adult around – it wasn't until seven minutes after the call to triple-zero began that another adult arrived to help the two brave girls.
"Go next to her and say 'mummy' and see if she wakes up," continued the operator minutes into the audio recorded by NSW Ambulance.
In the background Isabelle calls out "mummy", before returning to the phone and relaying the information that "she didn't wake up."
"Isabelle and Mia received the Star Award from NSW Ambulance on Tuesday at a special Jamisontown Public School assembly.
"Ms McLean said she was proud of how her daughters reacted during the tough ordeal."
2.A 65-year-old grandmother who already had 13 children has given birth to healthy quadruplets and is ready to take them home.
The Australian reports that Annegret Raunigk, a retired teacher from Berlin, Germany, who now has 17 children and seven grandchildren, gave birth three months ago.
She conceived the quadruplets during IVF treatment in Ukraine.
The babies - Neeta, Bence, Fjonn and Dries - were delivered by caesarean section in Berlin. Her brood is now aged from three months (the quadruplets) to 44 (her eldest son.)
The children have been in special care since their birth. Two have undergone surgery but are otherwise well.
“All have developed well, they have grown wonderfully in a short time,” said Christoph Buhrer, head of the neonatal department at the Charite.
“All four are now as strong and as heavy as it they had been born naturally.”
Annegret defended her decisions to get pregnant later in life, saying: "I think one needs to decide for oneself and not listen too much to the opinions of others."
3.Lady Gaga is threatening to sue a company that makes breast milk ice-cream for including a flavour called Baby Gaga.
The New York Post reports that Gaga’s lawyers "believe buyers of the product will believe it has been endorsed by Gaga herself, through the unauthorised use of her name."
The treat – if that’s how it can be described – is made by a company called The Licktators.
The flavour was launched back in May, in honour of Princess Charlotte‘s birth. The human breast milk is donated then checked to make sure it is in line with "hospital standards".
4.Kidnappers have killed the daughter of a wealthy German couple, despite their willingness to pay the $2 million ransom.
The Mirror reports that Anneli-Marie (her last name wasn’t released) was snatched off the street last week in the German city of Meissen as she walked her dog.
"A police blackout on the abduction was lifted on Monday after weekend negotiations with the kidnappers broke down," the paper said.
"Her parents begged for her safe return and pledged to pay her abductors whatever they wanted.
"But last night came the grim news from a murder squad in Dresden that her corpse had been discovered in an abandoned farmyard in the village of Klipphausen not far from her home."
Two men have been arrested, one in Dresden, the other in a town in Bavaria.
Both were seized in raids by squads of armed police in the hours before dawn today.
Police used sniffer dogs and a heat-seeking helicopter to turn up the body.
"Anneli, we miss you, we are with you," her heartbroken parents said in a statement on Monday morning.
It is the second kidnapping for ransom in as many months. German gangsters also kidnapped the handicapped elderly son of Reinhold Wuerth, a billionaire industrialist, demanding £1.5 million, but they later let Markus Wuerth, 50, go free.

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