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Newborn left homeless after surrogacy feud

A baby born in Queensland last week was left homeless after a dispute between his biological parents and the surrogate who carried him.

Surrogate mother Alexa gave birth to a baby boy last week but the child spent four days in limbo because his biological parents refused to claim him, the ABC reports.
Alexa agreed to carry a child for the unnamed couple – who she is related to – after watching them struggle to conceive for several years.
But just weeks after Alexa conceived, she and the couple began arguing, at first over Alexa’s decision to reduce her dosage of prescribed progesterone because it was making her nauseous.
Alexa claims the biological mother became very anxious about her decision to lower her medication dosage and called often telling her she was going to have a miscarriage.
When a 12-week scan revealed the baby was healthy, the biological parents became even more distant and argumentative, according to Alexa. The mother reportedly told Alexa she wasn’t buying any baby supplies because she was sure the baby would be stillborn.
By the time Alexa was 16 weeks pregnant, the relationship had deteriorated to the point that she sought an abortion, only to be told it was too late.
When the baby was eventually born last week, Alexa claims the parents owed her $8300 in travel fees, medical costs and legal expenses, but they refused to pay, and refused to claim their child, leaving him homeless.
After a four-day stanf-off, the parents paid their debt and took custody of the child.

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