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New Zealand police apologise for a massive social media fail


We’ve all posted something on social media we regret, it’s part of living in this modern world.

But some online faux pas are worse than others, especially when your organisation has a certain … ah, sensitivity to adhere with.

Social media regret is real and is certainly being felt the social media team of the New Zealand Police.

The verified Twitter account @NZpolice tweeted a very insensitive meme about road safety this week, which managed to offend hoards of people online very quickly.

The tweet was quickly deleted and an apology issued, but not before people managed to screen grab the meme (shared below).


The tweet showed a picture of Michael Scott from US television series The Office featuring a text line that reads, “This is the worst!”

This accompanied a caption from the NZ police team which read: “When we have to tell someone their family member has died in a crash.”

People were quick to call the misguided meme the ‘fail of the week’…

However, others were equally quick to point out that we all make mistakes and the NZ police should be commended on their quick apology which read:

“We apologise for the recent road safety tweet. We quickly realised it was wrong & insensitive & it was immediately deleted. Thx for feedback”


On the flip side, when it comes to social media wins nothing beats our very own Newton Fire station.

Newton Fire Station is popular for its cheeky signs which are often shared widely across the internet.


We all need to remember that these postings are just side quirks to these hardworking teams real jobs, saving lives.

We do not doubt that outside of a one-off social media gaff, the NZ police are hard at work doing their jobs.

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