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Adelaide mum’s anger after daughter was left unconscious and bleeding following a hit-and-run

“How could you hit someone and not stop?”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
An Adelaide mother is searching for answers after her daughter was found unconscious, bruised and bloodied outside their home.
Alannah Davey, 10, was walking to a park just 20 metres from her home in Mount Barker when she was hit by a car on Sunday afternoon. The vehicle later sped off leaving her alone and unresponsive in the middle of the road.
Speaking with 7 News, Alannah's mother Lisa Davey voiced her anger and desperation over the incident.
"I don't know how someone could do that, how could you hit somebody and not stop?," Ms Davey said. "I don't know. She was unconscious and they just left."
She added: "It's the worst thing you could ever think."
Three members of the public came to the aid of the young girl and called an ambulance.
They later told Ms Davey -- who was at home cleaning when the incident occured -- that her daughter had been "hit by a car." They added that a man was at the scene initially, but left before they could ask for any more information.
"They told me there was another guy there when they stopped and he said, 'she's been hit by a car', but then when police and the ambulance rocked up, he was gone," Ms Davey said.
"We don't know who it was because they were too busy trying to help my daughter."
Following the incident, the primary school student was rushed to the Women's and Children's Hospital with facial injuries, skull fractures and a bruised liver.
Alannah Davey, 10, was walking to a park just 20 metres from her home in Mount Barker when she was hit by a car. (Image via 7 News).
One resident told the news outlet she wasn't surprised by what had happened as traffic through the area was often too fast.
"I'm not surprised because the traffic is ... like a race track through here," one neighbour told 7 News.
Police are appealing to members of the public and drivers who may have seen Alannah leave her home on Sunday around lunchtime to come forward with any information.
Ms Davey has also asked for the person responsible to come forward.
"Do the right thing," she said. "Turn yourself in."