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Mum horrified by contaminated baby food

Nikki De Bondt says that the baby macro organic fruit puree she opened was "gag worthy".

A mother from Brisbane is warning other parents about contaminated baby food after discovering “gag worthy” mould in her children’s food.
In a Facebook post that has been shared over 40,000 times, Nikki De Bondt says that her children gagged and “almost vomited” after eating baby macro organic fruit puree.
When she opened the packet to check the food she was horrified by the content.
Photos posted on Facebook show that the puree has been contaminated with black mould.
De Bondt says that she took the pack back to Woolworths and it has been sent away for testing.
Since she posted the warning, De Bondt has updated the post to say that her daughter had been “Vomiting all night”
“Do not give [this product] to your children” she warns.
A spokesperson for Woolworths told The Weekly that they take the safety of their products very seriously and were concerned about this case.
"We have been in touch and begun an investigation with our supplier. We have also taken from our shelves other similar products from this batch," the spokesperson said.
"We always encourage any customer who has a problem with any Woolworths products to get in touch so the issue can be investigated."
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