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Mum embarrassed to discover what teen daughter's ‘drugs’ really are

A paranoid parent thinks her daughter is doing something dangerous – and is proved to be oh so wrong.

Every parent’s nightmare is finding drugs in their teenager’s room when they’re out – but this mum found something completely innocent!
A 16-year-old teenager named Ashley Banks screengrabbed the text exchange between her and her mum and it’s gone viral.
Ashley texted her mum asking her to find her calculator and put it in the mailbox so someone can pick it up.
But her mum was looking for it, she is furious to find a clear zip lock bag with coloured pills in it.
“Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house,” she angrily texted her daughter.
She demands Ashley to come home ASAP and that she’s grounded but Ashley can’t stop laughing.
She tells her to put the pills in water and see what’s happen.
Her mum seems reluctant at first, but she finally concedes.
Turns out, the tablets were actually ‘grow your own dinosaurs’.
So funny!
The mum gets a little defensive and says “I thought you were 16 not 7?”
VIDEO: See how the pills turn into colourful dinosaurs

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