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Mothers stick together over forgotten baby

Facebook lights up in solidarity for mother who left her baby in the shopping trolley and drove home.

Social media has lit up with support for Cherish Peterson, the Arizona woman who forgot her baby at the supermarket.
Cherish, 27, left her two-month-old baby in the shopping trolley and drove home. It wasn’t until her toddler mentioned the missing baby, 40 minutes later, that she realised her terrible mistake.
Police charged the apologetic mother with child endangerment which has spurred social media to band together and share their own parenting mishaps in a display of solidarity, according to 9news.com.
“I have 7 children and have left a child or two in the car. I have almost left a child at home as well a time or two. We all make mistakes. We are human. We can only thank God for the times when our mistakes don't end in tragedy,” writes one Facebook user of her experience as a mother.
“We left our baby in a cart too. We were at the grocery store. It was my first ‘trip’ out postpartum. We had our four year old son, our one and a half year old son and our newborn boy. I was trying to get in and out of the store with two weeks’ worth of food,” Facebook user Briana Griffith wrote.
The Facebook group ‘I Stand With Cherish’ has amassed over 20,000 members since being set up over the weekend, proving that people feel compassion for the unfortunate situation.

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