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Mother "films child abuse to disturb ex-boyfriend" after he gets new girlfriend

Warning: extremely distressing content.

By Kate Wagner
A woman has allegedly filmed herself torturing her baby after she found out her ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend.
Sickening videos of the one-year-old being tortured were sent to his father where you can hear a woman taunting the child with comments like, “Tell your daddy that’s what happens when you sit around and play with people.”
"You just want to keep playing so this is what you get. That’s too bad, Jaiden. Too f-- bad.," the woman adds.
Janelle Peterkin, 23, allegedly sent 64 videos of Jaiden’s alleged abuse to his father’s phone – including putting a plastic bag over the baby’s head and stuffing it in his mouth.
At other times, the woman hits the baby so hard he wails out in pain and cries.
These videos were accompanied by texts claiming the abuse would stop if she got a reply.
However, none of the messages were received until three months later when Jaiden’s father was arrested and his girlfriend opened his phone to find Peterkin’s number blocked.
When she unblocked the number, the phone “vibrated for an hour straight” while 300 texts and 60 video messages streamed through.
Although the abuse was occurring in Texas, it was the boy’s aunt Ra’Neicha Broadnax, who lives across the country in the state of Virginia, who called police.
Broadnax said after watching three seconds of the first video, she called Texan authorities. She got the impression that they said there was nothing they could do about the abuse, so she posted videos on social media and immediately received calls from authorities across the country.
Capt. Melinda Bradshaw of the Humble Police Department refuted these claims, saying the address fell under a different jurisdiction who they promptly contacted with the information.
When investigators went to Jaiden’s daycare, they called Broadnax saying there were no physical signs of abuse and it wasn’t until Peterkin was interviewed that she admitted she had made the videos 90 days ago to show her ex-boyfriend that he did not care enough about their baby.
Broadnax said her brother had no idea he was being abused and learned about the mistreatment while watching the television in jail.
"My brother was watching TV and saw me on the news and thought it was for my other brother's baby until he heard his son cry," Broadnax said.
Broadnax said she called Peterkin after seeing the videos.
"She was so nonchalant with an 'OK, I don't care' attitude and she was saying it is her son, and that we did not do anything for the baby," Broadnax said. "This is all about my brother. This is about nothing else but my brother and I want everyone to know that."
Peterkin was then arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was later released from jail after posting a $15,000 bond and appeared in court Monday.
A protective order prohibits Peterkin from seeing her child or going near his current residence.