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Brekky Wrap: What we're talking about today

From Angelina Jolie to political policies, here's what's making news today.

By Caroline Overington
The German magazine, Bild, and the French magazine, Paris Match, claim to have seen footage of the final moments of the Germanwings plane crash.
Both magazines say they have viewed footage taken from a SIM card found at the crash site, which shows the pilot trying to break down the cockpit door, and passengers screaming.
French investigators said the report is wrong but in a statement, Paris Match says the video shows that passengers were 'perfectly conscious of what was about to happen to them. We heard cries of 'My God' in several languages.'
Australian pensioners with assets of more than $1.1 million may soon face an assets test - and an income reduction.
The Australian this morning reports that the Abbott government wants to trim the age pension for 'wealthy' older Australians, which it defines as those with more than $1.1 million in assets, excluding the family home.
One of the biggest stars of the Real Housewives franchise has posed for a wholesome family photograph – from prison.
Teresa Guidice, who stars in Real Housewives of New Jersey, is serving time for fraud.
The new photographs, for the US Weekly cover, show her in prison greens and naturally curly hair (flat irons are banned in the pen, it seems) with her little girls on her lap. Cute!
Netflix has won the (Weekly's unofficial) prize for best April Fool’s joke, with viewers urged not to binge watch their favourite shows.
Stars of the new sensation, Bloodline appeared on screen, urging viewers to stop and take a shower, while those watching the new season of House of Cards were warned, by Michael Kelly playing the character Doug Stamper, to get off the couch and get to work.
A woman in Indiana has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, with another 10 years suspension, for having a miscarriage.
Purvi Patel was sentenced on Monday with foeticide and neglect of a dependent, a charge which is usually reserved for medical practitioners who preform illegal abortions, after she suffered a miscarriage at 23 weeks.
She was convicted after the jury found her guilty of purposefully having the miscarriage, despite no evidence of abortion drugs being found in her system.
Heir to the Getty fortune, Andrew Getty, was found naked from the waist down in the bathroom of his Hollywood home but his death may have been from natural causes.
LA police say Andrew, who was only 49, suffered a blunt force trauma, but it may have been from a fall.
Proving once again that money won’t make you happy, Andrew had suffered many traumas in his life and recently took out a restraining order against the woman who found him dead.
Actress Angelina Jolie has been praised by cancer experts for her decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed because she carries a genetic mutation, BRCA1, that increases the risk of ovarian cancer.
Dr Susan Domchek, executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Basser Research Center, which specialises in BRCA mutations, has told the New York Times that 'there is no effective screening for ovarian cancer and too many women with advanced stage ovarian cancer die of their disease.'
The inventor of what may well be the strangest, most ridiculous craze ever - the Pet Rock - has died.
Gary Dahl, described by Newsweek as a marketing genius, somehow managed to sell more than million Pet Rocks - which were just rocks in a box - in 1975.
They cost $3. Gary was 78 and died comfortably well off. No word on how many of his rocks lives on.

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