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A memorial service will be held this morning to mark two years since deadly Lindt Café siege

“I still dream he’ll come home,” says the partner of one of the victims.

By Lorna Gray
It’s the day nobody in Australia will forget.
A public memorial service will take place this morning at St Stephen’s Uniting Church in Macquarie St. It’s in close proximity to the Lindt Café where Man Monis took 18 people hostage exactly two years ago.
Two victims tragically died in the siege; café manager Tori Johnson and barrister, Katrina Dawson. Their captor was shot dead by police.
Flowers at Martin Place in the aftermath of the Sydney siege.
Today, their families reveal it feels like no time has passed since that tragic day.
Tori Johnson’s partner of 14 years, Thomas Zinn, said it “feels like only yesterday” when he last saw his beloved partner.
Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Zinn, said: “I still live in disbelief about what happened to Tori, sometimes expecting the door to open and him returning from work.”
“It feels like only yesterday. There are no words to describe how you feel losing your partner you are so deeply connected with.”
Tori Johnson and Thomas Zinn.
Katrina Dawson’s family set up foundation in her name. It’s all about ‘finding, funding and mentoring inspiring young women’ – something the mother-of-three would be proud of.
“We miss our darling Katrina deeply, every day,” they said.
“It is an especially difficult time for the family and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on.
“Katrina would be embarrassed about all the attention but she would be proud of these young women helped in her name.”
Thinking of the victims’ families on this incredibly difficult day.

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