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Melissa George reveals horrific injury pictures as she asks Australia for help

The Aussie actress says she is now trapped in France.

Aussie actress Melissa George gave an emotional interview to Sunday Night where she described the alleged abuse at the hands of former partner and father of her children, Jean-David Blanc.
Last September she arrived at a French police station at 3am with bruises on her face after she was allegedly struck by Blanc.
Now Melissa has released horrific photographs from that night during an appearance on Sunday Night.
She says Blanc slammed her head into a metal rack during an argument, something he denies. He is currently appealing an assault conviction.
Melissa revealed the horrific bruising she sustained after the alleged incident.
Melissa says he stood over her after 'repeatedly' striking her in the face and body and said: “Now you're a real actress.”
Melissa and Jean-David in happier times.
The former Home And Away star met Jean-David at a BAFTAs after party in 2011 and began dating in 2012.
They share custody of two boys Raphael, 3, and Solal, 1.
The children are currently unable to travel outside of France without the consent of both parents. While she is able to travel outside of her country, she says she refuses to do so without the children.
The former couple with their two boys.
Because of this, she says her career has suffered and her children can’t see their family in Australia.
She is now selling her possessions and receiving help from her Perth-based mother.
Melissa also says she’s been getting abusive text messages from Blanc about the fact she is still breastfeeding Solal, 1.
"I get text messages from him saying, 'You're destroying my baby by breastfeeding him. Would you like me to... you need to put your boobs in a bag.'"
She also revealed her eldest is aware what went on. "Raphael asked, 'did papa hit you?' and I had to say 'yes, my love'. I'm not going to lie to him," she told Channel Seven.
Melissa then issued an impassioned plea to Australia:
"I just want my country to help me get home and to see this crazy crap we're going through. I need someone to understand what happened," she said.