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Megan Gale's swimwear scandal

Megan breaks her silence on Seafolly

Megan Gale worked hand in hand with swimwear giant Seafolly for six years while she launched her swimwear range, Isola.
Last year it appeared the two split amicably , but after Isola was discontinued then replaced with a similar range Gale has vowed to never work with the brand again reports Daily Mail.
The statuesque supermodel claims the new Milea collection by Seafolly bears a “striking resemblance” to her own label.
“Never ever would I imagine that a few months following I would be facing the news that I was. It was really hard to process that after years of putting my heart and soul into a partnership that I trusted” Gale, 40, told The Daily Telegraph.
Gale has remained quiet about the end of the partnership until now, but this new range has spurred her to comment.
'I have tried to remain dignified and respectful throughout ... but you do reach a point that enough is enough.'
Gale will now decide whether to continue the line on her own, or partner with someone else.

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