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Ruby Rose tops Maxim Hot 100 list 2017 ahead of Schapelle Corby and Pauline Hanson

It's an eclectic mix.

By Lorna Gray
Lads mag Maxim has released its annual 'Hot 100' list where they publish their pick of the hottest women in Australia. Collective eyeroll.
Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose has topped this year’s list, beating Margot Robbie and Sophie Monk.
But what’s most remarkable about this year’s list is that it reads like an SEO hitlist/comprehensive guide of every single woman who’s famous in Australia. It contains many political figures as well as the usual celebrities and reality TV stars.
Frances Abbott, daughter of Tony Abbott and body-building star, has taken 6th place on the list, her aunt Christine Forster also features at number 91.
Ahead of Pauline Hanson (92), Lisa Wilkinson (96), Penny Wong (97), The “Vote No” TV ad Mums (98), Julie Bishop (99) and Lucy Turnbull (100).
Frances Abbott featured on the Maxim Hot 100 list.
'Vote No' mums.
We’re also not sure how some women aren’t worthy of being their own entity – aka the 'Fox News presenters' or 'The Bachelor girls', 34th and 60th respectively.
Ex-Bachelorette Sam Frost has also been relegated to 58. She was their 4th place pick in 2015 but famously slammed her Maxim cover. Guess that explains it.
Post continues after video: Frances Abbott on why she's voting 'Yes'
And while we’re 100% not condoning a list that ranks women’s attractiveness – why the heck is Queen Nicole Kidman down at 35?!
Reality TV stars make up a lot of this year’s women with Married at First Sight’s Cheryl Maitland featuring at number 44.
Schapelle Corby ranked high in the eyes of the magazine at number 17.
Here’s the full list, should you wish to peruse: