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Masterchef’s Matt Preston finally speaks out about George Calombaris’ assault charge

As Hughesy leaps to his defence after that Logies joke.

By Lorna Gray
Masterchef’s Matt Preston has finally spoken out about his buddy George Calombaris’ assault charge.
Preston was with Calombaris when the incident happened and was the one to escort him away after shoving a fan who’d allegedly been taunting him at the A-League grand final.
Calombaris has since been charged with assault over the incident and as he awaits his court date, Preston said he doesn’t condone his friend’s actions.
Speaking to Nova, he said:
"I think George has been very open - you don't behave like that, you can't do that."
However, Nova host Chrissie Swan took George's side, saying:
"You can't do that, you can't provoke somebody and cry about it when they retaliate."
In a statement released after the incident, Calombaris apologised for his actions and said “I am really disappointed with what occurred last night.” He also claimed his anger was in response to other (inaudible) personal comments.
“I was genuinely shocked when post-match football banter turned into personal abuse about my family,” he said. “I regret the way in which I reacted, I am disappointed that I let it get to me, and I sincerely apologise for offending anyone. While I am not proud of my reaction to the situation, I was offended by a spectator yelling out abusive and derogatory comments about my family.”
George will be happy to learn he has an unlikely fan in Dave Hughes.
Speaking exclusively to Now to Love, Hughsey gave his two cents on Calombaris' simmering situation.
Dave infamously took the mickey out of him during his Logies stand-up, but tells us, "He’s a good guy and I’m absolutely fine with George!"
"What happened at the soccer, I think it was a heat of the moment thing."
Musing, "His team had just been beaten in heartbreaking fashion and then someone yelled at him at the wrong time."
"I can’t believe he was charged with assault. From the vision I saw, that looked ridiculous."
"But I’m not a lawyer or a judge!" he laughs.
George Calombaris will appear before Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on 29 June.