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Masterchef's George Calombaris being sued for mass food-poisoning – after being charged with assault

And Matt Preston suffered a seriously awkward moment on Have You Been Paying Attention over the whole debacle...

By Lorna Gray
We’re going to go ahead and say Masterchef’s George Calombaris isn’t having the best time of it.
After the scandal of underpaying his staff then subsequently being charged with assault for shoving a teenager who heckled him over it, Calombaris is now being sued for a mass food-poisoning incident.
The incident left one man, David Schreuder, seriously ill in 2014. Schreuder is now suing both the Kew restaurant, and Calombaris' overseeing Made Establishment group.
A staff member at the Kew restaurant was the likely source of a norovirus contamination in the food, causing a widespread outbreak of gastroenteritis.
It was so serious, Victorian Department of Health forced a close down as they investigated.

Meanwhile, Calombaris’ mate and Masterchef co-host Matt Preston was left seriously unimpressed after comedian Ed Kavalee took a swipe at Calombaris’ recent escapades on Channel 10's Have You Been Paying Attention (you can watch at the top).
“Ooh, you are so much calmer than George!” Kavalee quipped to Preston as the audience erupted in laughter.
Preston should be thanking his lucky stars Ed didn’t joke about his feud with Marco Pierre White instead…