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Mum of toddler left to die of his injuries denied bail

The 27-year-old was denied bail to prevent her from interfering with other witnesses.

The mother of the 21-month-old boy who was found dead in his home with ‘head-to-toe injuries’ has been denied bail after being deemed a ‘flight risk’.
Anne-Marie Lee, 27, has been formally charged with the manslaughter of her 21-month-old son, Mason Jett Lee, who was allegedly left to die of his ‘horrific’ injuries after being badly beaten.
The 27-year-old faced the Toowoomba Magistrates Court today where judges deemed her at risk of not appearing for her future court dates. The court also heard Lee was at risk of interfering with other witnesses if granted bail.
Lee was charged alongside two other men, who police believe to be involved in the death of Mason Jett, Lee’s former partner Andrew O’Sullivan, 35, and another man, Ryan Robert Hodson, 17. Both men have been charged with manslaughter.
Police handling the case have alleged that the three Caboolture residents failed to provide Mason with the medical attention he needed, despite his injuries being “obvious”.
"Police will be alleging that the child died as a result of peritonitis due to a ruptured duodenum," Detective Inspector Paul Schmidt told 9News.
"The injuries would have been obvious, would have been deteriorating and would have been significant over a period of time leading up to his death."
Police have yet to confirm who caused the injuries that led to Mason’s death, but the boy was reportedly found with “widespread injuries including scarring and bruising to his legs, abdomen and head”, that the trio of suspects allegedly failed to treat or provide medical attention for.
Anne-Marie Lee is expected to appear in court again on August 16. Hodson and O’Sullivan will reappear in court on September 28 and August 8, respectively.

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