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Married couple dies in tragic car crash just two weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre

“I swear they were more in love those two weeks than the last 20 years,” their oldest daughter said.

By Kate Wagner
A husband and wife have died in a tragic car accident, just two weeks after escaping the horrific Las Vegas massacre unharmed.
Dennis Carver, 52, flung himself across his wife Lorraine, 53, to shield her from bullets as Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival at the beginning of the month.
Then on October 16th, the couple crashed into a metal gate less than a kilometre from their home.
Their 16-year-old daughter Madison heard the crash and sprinted towards the sound, only to find her parents and their vehicle engulfed in flames that took firefighters an hour to put out.
Their oldest daughter Brooke told Las Vegas Review Journal their love was “selfless” when talking about her father’s decision to shield his wife with his body during the shooting.
“That’s just the kind of love they had for each other,” she said.
Brooke added that their last two weeks were spent in bliss because they were so thankful they’d escaped the concert uninjured.
“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy,” the 20-year-old said.
“The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”
Brooke told the Review Journal her dad had asked what flowers he should buy her mum three days after the shooting.
“He just wanted to give my mom a reason to smile after the shooting,” she said. “I swear they were more in love those two weeks than the last 20 years.”