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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS star Sharon's new life and new nose

A "divorce" was all the motivation she needed to take the plunge.

For the past 10 years, Married At First Sight bride Sharon Marsh has hated her nose.
But when she saw it side-on, on TV, the reality star was shocked.
“I always thought 
I had the same nose as my [identical] twin sister Michelle,” says Sharon, 32, who recently split from her TV hubby Nick Furphy, 30, after nine months.
“But hers is fine. Mine had a hump and it looked huge on TV.”
To add insult to injury, shortly after the hit series debuted, the WA-raised starlet started getting trolled on social media.
“There were some comments on my pages about the size of my nose,” she says.
“I already had a problem with it… but it hurt to read it. I used to laugh along if people said something and say, ‘Yeah I’ve got a good schnoz on me, haven’t I?’ But reading the comments 
just reaffirmed my long-term desire to get it fixed.”
A day after announcing she was no longer in love with Nick, Sharon flew to Thailand for “rhinoplasty” (nose job) surgery at Restored Beauty Getaways.
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“I feel vain to have got it done, but it really was bothering me,” says Sharon, who is delighted with her new “hump-free” look.
“I don’t want young girls to race out and use surgery to fix every imperfection, but I’m in the position where I now make money from my appearance.”
In her operation, Sharon had her nose broken and the hump shaved. There was little bruising, barely any swelling and no 
pain or scarring afterwards.
“I feel vain to have got it done, but it really was bothering me,” says Sharon.
Her "marriage" to Nick lasted nine months.
“My doctor was 85 and 
I think he knows his way around a nose,” laughs Sharon, joking that kissing should be a little easier now. “Beauty is not pain in my case!”
While she was overseas, the Perth cleaning business owner says she also enjoyed a lot of “me” time, refusing to mope around and labour over the demise of her relationship.
“I have no regrets and I’m 
very content that I made the right decision [about ending things with MAFS ‘hubby’ Nick],” 
she says, acknowledging they just weren’t in love enough, 
after being thrown together 
at the altar.
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