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Margie Abbott makes rare public appearance

Margie Abbott and Pink Hope founder Krystal Barter.
Margie Abbott has made a rare, solo public appearance to launch a new book by courageous Pink Hope founder, Krystal Barter.
Mrs Abbott, who wore pink for the event, said she had been inspired by Ms Barter’s courage in having both breasts removed as a preventative measure, after discovering she carried the gene for breast cancer.
Mrs Abbott said the book was called The Lucky One because it reflects the fact that Krystal felt lucky to be able to have preventative treatment.
"She took this brave step to give herself and her family a chance to beat the curse of breast cancer," Mrs Abbott said.
Krystal’s mum, grandma and her great-grandmother were all diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, and Krystal carries the gene.
She underwent a double mastectomy at the age of 25, to radically reduce the chances that she, too, would develop the disease.
"She has emerged from the shadow of cancer, to become a young mum who has become a shining light to thousands of women and their families," Mrs Abbott said.
"Now she has chosen to share her story, and to create this wonderful charity, Pink Hope, so others do not have to feel alone as they battle the disease."
Ms Barter told the launch that she was grateful to carry her mother’s genes "because it means that I’m your daughter".
She said Angelina Jolie, who also had both breasts removed as a preventative measure, had given preventative treatments "a global platform, and Pink Hope will rise and shine every day, to spread this message".
Ms Barter’s decision to become to the first woman in her family to have preventative treatment meant that she was also the first in four generations not to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
"I chose prevention as a cure," she said.
The event was hosted by The Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic, who revealed Mrs Abbott had once caught him trying to cheat at a trivia night, and she only had to look at him to make him feel guilty.
"She just needs to look at you and you know you’ve done the wrong thing and you want to make it right," he said.

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