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Man who filmed his friend kick a quokka has been fined

He laughed at the abuse and made no attempt to stop the attack, the court heard.

By Kate Wagner
The Perth man who filmed his friend kicking a quokka into the air on Rottnest Island has been fined $3500.
Corey Douglas James took a Snapchat of Harrison Angus McPherson repeatedly kicking a quokka and sending it flying into a concrete fence last month.
The 21-year-old was initially charged with cruelty to animals but that was downgraded when the state prosecutor conceded that the quokka could not be found to determine its condition after the incident.
James filmed the incident while laughing and making no attempt to stop the attack, the court heard.
The boilermaker had arrived on the island with a group of friends for a music festival and his lawyer, Nicole Young, said her client was "extremely intoxicated" while the quokka was being abused and he was "deeply remorseful" of the "pathetic, immature, cruel act".
Ms Young also said he was laughing at his friend’s unco-ordination when attempting to kick the animal the first time, not the animal cruelty itself.
James has apparently received extreme backlash from the footage, receiving “intense social criticism", including threats to his own safety and, as a result, had lost his job because his employer could not guarantee his safety.
Magistrate Peter Malone refused James’ request for a spent conviction, despite his lack of prior convictions, believing he should not be relieved of the consequences.
“The reality is we all know this cruel footage went viral,” he said.
“You were part and parcel of the activity. There was an understandable community reaction and disgust.”
Mr McPherson also appeared in court today but his case was adjourned until May for further legal advice.
If convicted, animal cruelty convictions face a maximum of five years jail and a $50,000 fine.