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Man finds chilling secret in new home

He was exploring his new home and was shocked when he went into the attic.

Reddit user, NukeStorm, was exploring his new home when he stumbled upon a mysterious door in the attic.

The Reditor had no idea that the room was there – and it certainly hadn’t been a selling point of his new property.

According to NukeStorm, the sinister looking door was approximately four feet tall with a metal grate fastened over the hole.

Inside the room, he found a single light, a small unenticing bed, and a wall with foam padding.

But the most disturbing thing of all is that there’s no doorknob on the inside of the room. Which means that whoever slept in the room would be stuck until someone let them out.

Many Redit users put forward theories about the room’s purpose, but no one has managed to come up with a definitive answer.

In another mysterious twist, there hasn’t been an update from NukeStorm since his original post – we really hope he’s not trapped in his attic.

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