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Man claims he found a roach in his Macca's McMuffin on his THIRD BITE

“I’ll have a bacon and egg McMuffin with a side of cockroach,” said NO ONE EVER!

“I’ll have a bacon and egg McMuffin with a side of cockroach,” said NO ONE EVER!
But that’s what one Queensland man claims he got when he visited the Coorparoo McDonald’s restaurant a few weeks ago.
Postal worker Joshua Camilleri, 37, told Brisbane’s Courier Mail he was about to dig into his third bite of his morning Macca's breakfast when he spotted what appeared to be a cockroach inside his McMuffin.
“I threw up pretty much straight away. I went to the bathroom and threw up. It’s disgusting,” Mr Camilleri told the newspaper.
“I will never eat McDonald’s again in my life.”
When the man took his burger back to the chain where he allegedly ordered the meal he was reimbursed but chose to keep the burger at home, “just in case I needed it,” Mr Camilleri said.
The Courier Mail contacted McDonald’s about the incident and was told the diner’s choice to keep the burger was going to prevent them from investigating the claims further.
“At this time we have no reason to believe this contamination occurred in our restaurant,” a spokeswoman said.
“The customer has refused to provide us with the product to allow us to look into this. Without the cooperation of the customer, it’s hard for us to investigate any further,” the spokeswoman said.
According to reports, that particular Macca's is facing a planned health inspection from the Brisbane City Council.
“Council has a zero-tolerance policy for food businesses that do not have safe food practices and immediately suspend operations until major safety issues are rectified,” a council spokesman said.
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