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Malcolm Turnbull 'verbally abused Tony Abbott' on a government flight according to new reports

The Prime Minister allegedly called his predecessor "hopeless", "disloyal" and a very rude word indeed...

By Lorna Gray
In today's crazy world of politics, a new story is doing the rounds about Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull verbally abusing his predecessor Tony Abbott while aboard a government plane.
The sensational claims appear in The Daily Telegraph with sources revealing there was a mid-air altercation between the leadership rivals in July 2014.
To put this 'fight' in context, the incident allegedly occurred 14 months before Malcolm Turnbull ousted Tony Abbott from the top job so their relationship would most likely have been strained by this point.
Abbott and Turnbull were flying back to Canberra from Sydney on an Air Force VIP flight after attending the 50th birthday party for The Australian newspaper. Other senior ministers including Julie Bishop were also on the flight.
And if you're not a fan of a potty mouth, we suggest you avert your eyes now as the alleged rant is expletive-filled, to say the least...
"Tony went in to get his bag from the PM's suite and Malcolm badgered him in that corridor. That's where it happened," a source told the The Daily Telegraph.
"It was Malcolm in full flight. Angry, bitter, [saying] 'You're f---ing hopeless, you're a f---ing disloyal c—t, you should resign'".
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has rubbished the claims, telling Lisa Wilkinson on the Today Show: "It certainly didn't happen in my presence." You can watch below:
The Daily Telegraph sources also claim Turnbull was drunk at the time of the argument.
It comes just a week after Abbott admitted he was passed-out drunk when he was meant to be voting on Kevin Rudd's GFC bailout measures in 2009.
Whatever next?!
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