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UK Parliament terror attack: Five killed and an Australian woman among the injured

Police are treating the attack near the Houses of Parliament as "a terrorist incident.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Warning: This article contains graphic photos that may be distressing to some readers.
Scotland Yard have confirmed that five people, including the attacker, have died in a terrorist incident near the UK's Houses of Parliament, including an armed police officer and the suspected assailant who was shot dead by armed police.
Another two other fatalities are believed to be pedestrians who were hit by the attacker as he drove erratically on the nearby Westminster Bridge.
Mark Rowley, Scotland Yard's top anti-terror officer, said that an additional 20 people have been injured in the attack. This number has since escalated to 40.
Not only that, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull informed Parliament today that an Australian woman is among the injured.
A permanent resident of the UK, the South Australian woman is in hospital receiving treatment and, according to 9 News, is receiving consular assistance.
Mr Rowley says that a major counter-terror operation is already underway, though it is believed that the suspect acted alone.
Downing Street have confirmed that Prime Minister Theresa May, who was on the parliamentary estate at the time of the incident, will soon chair a meeting of the Government's emergency Cobra committee.
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A police officer has been stabbed and a knife-wielding assailant shot outside the UK Houses of Parliament, shortly after a car mowed down at least 12 bystanders on Westminster Bridge.
Police said they are investigating the attack as “a terrorist incident” and have placed the central-London building on lockdown - parliament has also been suspended.
Multiple reports suggest the suspect was driving erratically on Westminster Bridge, killing at least one and hitting a dozen pedestrians before mounting the crowded footpath.
Junior doctor Colleen Anderson from St Thomas' Hospital has described the injuries as “catastrophic,” according to the Press Association.
"I confirmed one fatality. A woman. She was under the wheel of a bus. She died, confirmed her death at the scene," Ms Anderson said.
"There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic.”
"Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries. There were maybe a dozen (injured)."
The assailant, who has been described by security sources as a middle-aged Asian man, then exited the vehicle in front of the gates of Parliament and began to attack police officers with a seven-to-eight inch knife.
“We heard a loud bang, lots of shouting and men running around,” a witnesses told The Sun.
“Someone rushed through, attacked a policeman.”
“He appeared to be carrying a knife or a gun. We then heard gunfire, five or six rounds.”
“The man approached one of the police officers with a knife.”
Prime Minister Theresa May was reportedly on the parliamentary estate when the incident occurred. However, a source at Downing Street has confirmed the 60-year-old politician as safe.
The attack comes on the one-year anniversary of the 2016 Brussels Bombing, which claimed the lives of 32 people.
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